The descendant of the once famous Grand Silverland Hotel


Once a prominent landmark in Ho Chi Minh City, Grand Silverland Hotel was a beloved destination for travelers seeking a luxurious and memorable stay. With its prime location, elegant design, and impeccable service, the hotel garnered a loyal following over the course of a decade.

The descendant of the once famous Grand Silverland Hotel

1. Grand Silverland Hotel - the pride of Silverland Hospitality Group

Published in February 2012, Grand Silverland Hotel, located on Ly Tu Trong Street, was one of the most magnificent private hotels in District 1 at that time. With 89 rooms, 2 restaurants and 1 rooftop bar, the hotel was a favourite destination for families, groups travelling domestically and internationally and for professionals visiting Ho Chi Minh City.

With the motto of operating Grand Silverland Hotel to leave its mark as the home of every guest when coming to Saigon and bring experiences like enjoying with friends, the staff and management team of Grand Silverland Hotel constantly strive to create a hotel brand known for its unique attentive services and satisfying the needs of visitors.

grand silverland hotel in district 1

2. The secrets to Grand Silverland Hotel's success

2.1 Prime location

To talk about the success of more than 10 years of operation in the accommodation market of Ho Chi Minh City, it is impossible not to mention the extremely central location of Grand Silverland Hotel. The hotel is located right in the city centre, only 50 metres to Ben Thanh Market, a destination that is both historical and a symbol of the city's life and culture. In addition, the hotel is also very close to other famous tourist attractions such as Independence Palace, City Museum, City Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc.

2.2 Impressive design

Grand Silverland Hotel has a modern design, with a high-ceiling lobby and large windows filled with natural light. Throughout the hotel space and especially the swimming pool and rooftop bar are filled with natural green spaces, bringing a feeling of relaxation, comfort and ease to guests staying on typical tropical sunny days in Saigon.

room in silverland grand hotel in district 1

2.3 Amenities are top priority

The services provided by Grand Silverland Hotel aim to provide the most comfortable atmosphere for customers. From quick check-in, to completely free afternoon tea service for guests, the rooftop swimming pool filled with natural green like a resort oasis for guests staying after a long journey to the city or after days of exploring Saigon. All amenities are taken care of and put first.

2.4 Dedicated staff

Grand Silverland Hotel is known and remembered by domestic and international guests for its excellent, friendly and enthusiastic service style. The hotel is also managed by a dynamic and creative operating team, aiming to provide accommodation services with the utmost passion and enthusiasm in work.

3. Our new chapter

In mid-May 2022, we officially said goodbye to the Grand Silverland Hotel on Ly Tu Trong street. With all the efforts and hard work of our enthusiastic management and operation team, we have continuously put into operation two new hotels in the prestigious Silverland hotel chain in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

silverland may hotel in thi sach street

Silverland May Hotel - 28-30 Thi Sach, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

The tall tamarind trees with cool shade on the peaceful Thi Sach Street in the heart of bustling, hurried Saigon, along with the tall, wide windows, seem to recreate the reception hall of Grand Silverland Hotel in place of the warmest greeting that Silverland May Hotel wants to send to guests, as well as the desire to bring the feeling of "being at home" during their stay at Silverland May Hotel.

Going back in time to the history of Saigon, thousands of years ago, this place was once called Prei Nokor, in which Prei means forest and Nokor means town (in Khmer). At Silverland May Hotel, customers will immerse themselves in the Prei bar - a cool green forest between the high-rise buildings of the city, where the large rooftop swimming pool and refined drinks are for leisurely mornings, hot summer afternoons or afternoons watching the sunset fall between office buildings. The Nokor restaurant on the mezzanine floor is no different from a small town, where cuisine is the secret to bringing people closer together.

ho chi minh city hotel

But first, let's stop for a moment at the lobby and Bason cafe Thi Sach. Silverland May Hotel is proud to introduce the cotton in the middle of the reception hall, a unique handmade item in Saigon as well as in Vietnam, as the first visual gift for anyone who visits. Because the word Gon (of silk cotton flower), in the two words Saigon, is the long-standing symbol of this lovely, dynamic city.

Silverland Ben Thanh Hotel - 14-16 Le Lai, 15-17-19 Nguyen An Ninh, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Less than a 2-minute walk from the old Grand Silverland Hotel and right next to the West Gate of the historic Ben Thanh Market, Silverland Ben Thanh Hotel is the newest accommodation product of the Silverland hotel chain that has been famous in Saigon for more than two decades. Like all hotels under Silverland Hospitality, Silverland Ben Thanh is committed to providing guests with not only a cosy, comfortable room but also attentive, warm services right from the moment they step into the hotel lobby.

silverland ben thanh hotel near ben thanh market

The faint scent of ylang ylang, along with a warm "Hello" is a pleasant start to the journey to explore Silverland Ben Thanh Hotel as well as Saigon, where all of our staff are proud to be a part of the generosity and affection of this land.

Silverland Ben Thanh Hotel does not focus on luxury and ostentation, nor does it force all architecture to fit into a standard. Somewhere in the space of Silverland Ben Thanh Hotel, guests will see airy corridors, asymmetrical shapes, tall and wide windows, or paintings made from familiar pyjamas of the ladies who are busy every day in the shops around the hotel, or in small stalls inside Ben Thanh market.

silverland hotel in district 1

The colourful rhythm of the city, with mixed sounds placed outside the door, so that when you step into your room, there is a soft bed and warm mattress waiting for you after a long day of work or tiredness from exploring the city. But just pull the curtains and windows, and all the colours and sounds of the city will not hesitate to rush in, bustling and cheerful.

Located on the top floor of Silverland Ben Thanh Hotel, Smith's Kitchen & Bar and the rooftop infinity pool are both a place for you to enjoy the view of the city centre from a unique perspective, and a place to chat with your loved ones over a meal carefully prepared by our chef or sparkling cocktails by the pool with a panoramic view of the entire financial and cultural centre of Saigon.

So, if you still want to enjoy the excellent facilities and dedicated services, or are looking for a classy accommodation with a similar location to Grand Silverland Hotel, you can absolutely choose Silverland May Hotel or Silverland Ben Thanh Hotel, with similarities in location and service quality, but the two new hotels will definitely bring you and your loved ones new, more sophisticated and modern experiences. We are pleased to welcome you to these new 4* hotel locations in the Silverland Hospitality system.

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