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10 Hot Spots for Tet Giap Thin 2024 in Ho Chi Minh City

phunu_v2 / 09/01/2024

Every Tet season, not only the locals in Ho Chi Minh City but also people from the Southern provinces eagerly await traditional Tet amusement spots as spring approaches. This dynamic and vibrant city always has something new and interesting for everyone. Let's explore 10 prominent check-in locations during the Lunar New Year 2024.

10 Hot Spots for Tet Giap Thin 2024 in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Nguyen Hue Walking Street:

Undoubtedly, the first must-visit location during Tet in Ho Chi Minh City is Nguyen Hue Flower Street.

duong hoa nguyen hue 2 20240108142726

This year's Tet Giap Thin theme, "Spring of Love, Prosperous Tet," will be divided into three main sections with themes: Roots of the homeland, Crossing seas and oceans, and Integration and development, promising large and unprecedented decorations.

The entrance gate features a pair of dragon mascots winding up to 100 meters, breaking the record for the zodiac's size on Nguyen Hue Flower Street. It is constructed with over 90% sustainable materials that can be recycled from bamboo, rattan, and palm leaf curtains.

2. Tao Dan Spring Flower Festival:

The Tet Spring Flower Festival at Tao Dan Park, continuing its tradition for many years, will be held for 10 days from February 6 to February 15, 2024 (from December 26th of the previous lunar year to the 6th day of Tet Giap Thin).  

hoi hoa xuan cv tao dan 2 20240108142746

The spring flower festival has become a characteristic cultural beauty of the city, favored by nature with warm weather and a variety of flowers blooming all year round.

This year's Spring Flower Festival will exhibit and compete in the art of ornamental plants with a scale of over 2,500 items meeting the standards of various disciplines such as apricot blossom, orchids, porcelain flowers, ornamental plants, rare trees, ornamental fish, and miniature landscapes.

3. Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens:

The green lungs of the city have completed a vibrant sunflower garden to welcome visitors during the upcoming Tet Giap Thin.

thao cam vien 20240108142803

From the main entrance on Nguyen Binh Khiem Street (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City), the Tet check-in area is prominently displayed on the right with the brilliant yellow color of over 1,300 sunflowers, lucky red cockscomb flowers, and many other types of flowers, bringing the Tet atmosphere early to this not-to-be-missed destination.

4. Bach Dang Park:

Bach Dang Park, starting from Bach Dang ferry terminal, just a few steps from The Nest restaurant, is undoubtedly an unmissable check-in spot for both tourists and city dwellers during Tet Giap Thin 2024.

cong vien ben bach dang 20240108142817

As an open and green park, right by the Saigon River, it is an ideal place to admire the river scene, especially for enjoying the brilliant fireworks on New Year's Eve.

5. Ben Thanh Market:

The stalls in Ben Thanh Market have been bustling since the early days of 2024. The number of domestic and international tourists coming to the city is increasing, along with busy vendors preparing Tet goods, bringing a lively atmosphere from early morning to night.

cho ben thanh 1 20240108142832

All the essential items for Tet shopping can be found in this famous traditional market. From candies, tea, and coffee, to fresh fruits, fresh flowers, and Tet fabric flowers… Since the city experimented with an online shopping festival via TikTok, business at these stalls has become even more vibrant.

6. Smith's Kitchen & Bar:

Located on the top floor of the Silverland Ben Thanh Hotel, Smith's Kitchen & Bar offers a unique panoramic view of the historic Ben Thanh Market and the entire central district of District 1.

SVL0281 1 1

Smith's Kitchen & Bar's Menu is rich in both Western and Asian dishes. Besides, a diverse drink list can satisfy guests stopping by for a check-in with a city view, whether during the day or in the evening.

7. The Nest Restaurant:

The Nest restaurant is located on the 12th floor of The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel, rated by Michelin Key as one of the very few unique 5-star boutique hotels to experience in Ho Chi Minh City. The renowned chef and dedicated staff at The Nest always ensure the most authentic and refined Vietnamese dishes for guests.

nha hang the nest 20240108142910

8. Bason Café:

Originating from the name of the Ba Son Shipyard, Bason Café now has three branches, all located in the central district 1 of the city.

bason cafe dong khoi 20240108142933

At the first location, Bason Café Dong Khoi, visitors can admire the preserved artifacts of Ba Son Shipyard almost intact. At Bason Café Thi Sach, there is a rich collection of paintings providing art appreciation moments in a peaceful atmosphere with fragrant coffee and the Thi Sach street shaded by romantic tamarind trees.

SVL2620 1

Bason Café Ben Thanh will be a contemporary space with innovative architectural features. Furthermore, Bason Café is less than a 2-minute walk from the West Gate of Ben Thanh Market, making it an ideal stop for tourists after exploring this famous market.

9. Saigon Center Shopping Mall:

A favorite shopping destination for tourists both domestic and international. Here, alongside the famous Takashimaya mall, foreign fashion and sportswear brands with the latest collections are equally appealing. Saigon Center also dedicated 2 floors where various culinary experiences converge from Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, and Vietnam.

10. Silverland Mây Hotel:

Only a 5-minute walk from Nguyen Hue Flower Street, the Silverland Mây Hotel is like a beautiful dream on Southern sunny days for every traveler stepping into the city.

silverland may hotel 20240108143011

With a diverse range of room types serving the needs of travelers, whether couples or families, Silverland Mây Hotel also has a super spacious rooftop pool with a sunbathing area and a bar right next to it. It's worth enjoying during the sunny afternoons of the city during Tet.

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