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The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel and HOZO 2023 – Unforgettable Local Impressions


One of the official accommodation partners of HOZO 2023, The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel, narrates the story of the unique cultural beauty of Saigon through its unforgettable local impressions and exquisite architectural details.

The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel and HOZO 2023 – Unforgettable Local Impressions

The Myst Dong Khoi, developed by Silverland Hospitality Group, is one of the few 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City honored by Michelin Key and selected for the luxury boutique hotel list in 2023.

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The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel - A Retreat Space Rich in Local Impressions

Located near Nguyen Hue Walking Street - the central hub connecting all destinations, The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel is the ideal accommodation for any visitor to Ho Chi Minh City. It is also a popular check-in spot for many famous personalities from Vietnam and abroad. For them, The Myst Dong Khoi is not just a place to stay; it embodies the unique and novel local culture – characterized by historic alleys, familiar homes, and friendly, generous, and loving local people.

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Serene Corner Room – A Cozy Space That Gives Guests the Feeling of "Coming Home"

The intricate stories woven into each design detail are what set The Myst Dong Khoi apart. Stepping in, guests embark on a fascinating journey to discover the local cultural imprints of Saigon. With a shared goal of showcasing the unique aspects of Vietnamese culture to the world and bringing global culture to Vietnam, HOZO is honored to have The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel as a partner, sponsoring accommodation for international artists at HOZO 2023.

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The Myst Dong Khoi offers a premium retreat space that helps HOZO artists recharge for their inspiring performances.

Not only aiming to provide luxurious and comfortable accommodation for international artists attending and performing for over 200,000 audience members at HOZO Super Fest 2023, The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel has partnered with HOZO to help promote the beautiful image of Vietnam and its people to friends around the world.

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The warm welcome and professional service at The Myst Dong Khoi create a special impression on the international artists participating in HOZO 2023.

If HOZO 2023 leaves a remarkable imprint of indigenous music through the orchestral pieces "Radiant Southern Sky" and "Lullaby of the River" – a fusion of classical music, folk tunes, and modern electronic music – then The Myst Dong Khoi serves as a guiding light, leading visitors into a living space rich in the cultural essence of the Southern region.

The unique indigenous collaboration of conductor Tran Nhat Minh, the Symphony Orchestra of Vietnam, artist Hai Phuong, and DJ Hoaprox at HOZO Super Fest.

Nestled behind rows of trees on Huu Nghi Street, The Myst Dong Khoi adorns itself in pristine white, exuding elegance, enveloped by lush greenery, evoking a sense of tranquility amidst the modern urban hustle. With a design concept that merges ancient and contemporary cultures, along with warm tones of dark wood, gold, and subdued orange, it reminisces about a Saigon - the "Eastern Pearl" of old, yet still providing comfort and luxury for travelers.

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The retreat space at The Myst Dong Khoi is a sophisticated blend of modern, fresh elements and traditional values of the past.

With the desire to recreate the city's ambience, the hotel space is cleverly adorned with concrete ceilings, exposed piping, Cham-pa vaulted roofs, and breezy corridors.

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Breezy corridors, reminiscent of the winding alleys of Saigon.

At The Myst Dong Khoi, the scenery of old Saigon is delicately depicted through every object and space, such as the wooden desk, rotary dial telephone, or window frames for admiring the bustling city. Adding to this are relics from the Ba Son shipyard and a collection of antique items dating back hundreds of years.

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Bason Café – a miniature "museum" with memorabilia reminiscent of the Ba Son shipyard.

Alongside the 108 soulful rooms encapsulating the essence of Saigon, the other amenities and services at The Myst Dong Khoi also leave visitors awestruck with their beauty and meticulous attention to detail. Guests can enjoy spaces like Bason Café, Rooty Bar, and The Nest restaurant, each featuring rare and distinctive designs that add a touch of enchantment hidden behind the city's seemingly never-sleeping modern life.

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The Nest restaurant guides diners through a cultural journey with each bite, offering exquisite dishes full of intertwined flavors.

In the heart of the city - where the "heart" of the city lies, HOZO and The Myst Dong Khoi stand as remarkable indigenous landmarks, continuously fulfilling their mission to introduce the cultural beauty and gentle people of this place to friends both domestically and internationally. This collaboration promises to open up many new opportunities in the future, where joint efforts will create many exciting events to attract visitors to explore and discover the beauty of Ho Chi Minh City.

During the Tet holiday in 2024, The Myst Dong Khoi offers a special promotion of up to 45% off when booking directly on the website for stays from 01.01 to 28.02.2024.

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